Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wet n Wild Megalast: Don't judge a polish by its price!

In my recent craze for fall polishes, I've acquired quite a decent amount of shades ranging from plum to burgandy by now. In a recent haul post, I mentioned Essie Sole Mate. Well, that one turned out a little darker than I expected, so on my next trip to Walmart, I opted for Wet n Wild Haze of Love.

Both colors are in the same color family, with Haze of Love being a shade or two lighter and creamier in formula.

I'd never tried Wet n Wild polishes, although I'd had much interaction with the Essie brand. I think my perception of Wet n Wild may have been clouded by the fact that the polishes retail from $.99-1.99. However, now that I've tried the product, I assure you, these polishes at that price are a blessing, not a curse! I actually found this polish much easier to work with. Where the Essie polish was somewhat runny and left my nails splotchy after the first coat, Haze of Love provided good coverage and was more apt to stay where I placed it without drying so quickly that I couldn't finish the entire nail.

That being said, Haze of Love is part of the Wet n Wild Megalast collection, specifically formulated not to chip. All polishes chip terribly on me, but I was able to get through 3 days until a noticeable chip appeared on the tip of one nail. ...This is good wear for me!

I am enough in love with this collection that I've seen been to Walgreens and have purchased two more Wet n Wild Megalast polishes in Deadly Dose and Lethal Injection. I'm not sure if these are limited edition or not, but they appeared to be part of a Halloween collection ("Pick Your Poison"). At the very least, they do appear to be new shades for fall 2012, so be sure to check them out if you haven't already!

Have you tried Wet n Wild? What are your favorite cheapskate nail polish brands?


  1. I believe I have one wet and wild polish maybe 5 Essie's I have a ton of sinful collars thought. There not amazing quality but there ok

    1. I've not tried Sinful Colors, but I'm tempted! It's hard to beat a bargain price. I just need to find the right color and I'm all in.

      I find that a lot of bargain polish brands go for really bright shades, which I'm not always into, myself. I like neutral, pastel, and muted colors, for the most part. I'm also really, really picky about shades of a color and undertones, which is why I'm a HUGE Essie fan! haha I can literally spend an hour at an Essie display comparing two bottles of polish that might look exactly the same to a sane person.

    2. Lol My mom yells at me for that i was in walgreens once and I was looking at polishes and she was like you already have light green lets go and I was like I have lime green this is chartreuse and its has little yellow shimmers in it. you should have seen the look she gave me!