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As the intro in my sidebar hints, I am a college student. Combine the fact that I'm currently living on a ramen noodle budget with the fact that I just began the foundations of my makeup collection a year or two ago, and you'll see that I've really gotten myself into a beauty dilemma!

All the same, despite the fact that I never indulged in cosmetics or many other types of "beauty enhancements" throughout high school or my early years of college, I do love makeup, and this blog is an account of my initial and proper forays into the world of beauty.

More About Me

My name is Jacee, I'm 21, and I'm a college senior. I live in the southeastern United States, where I study advertising and sociology. Besides the things I blog about, I love books, psychology, Disney, Internet memes, and cats--but mostly mine. I like to hold her up now and then and sing that song from The Lion King while she stares vaguely off into the distance wondering what she did in a past life, or maybe just not realizing her own insignificance, because, after all, she is a cat.